A Morning Trip to Monaco


The Friday morning before I left Nice, it was raining and I thought my plans for the day were ruined. I was definitely irritated because Nice gets almost 300 days of sunlight a year. I went through the motions of my morning ritual by walking to the corner boulangerie and picked up fresh croissants and coffee. 

Two hours later, the weather went back to being perfect and I took full advantage. I decided to take a morning trip to Monaco, which is about a 20 minute ride away by train. It also only cost me 7.50 euro, which was pretty incredible. The train ride to Monaco might have been one of my favorite parts of my trip. Riding along the coastline, seeing all the small beaches and cute homes and letting my mind wander. Click through to see the rest of my photos and how I saw the country in a little over an hour!


My plans to see certain sights were thwarted when I learned that Uber isn’t available in Monaco. After a little research, found out that Monaco is the second smallest country after Vatican City, and decided to hop on a tour bus. I know, I know. But since I only had a few hours and wanted to see the entire city, I saw the bus as my opportunity to get most of the greatest hits of Monaco.

The city is so full of color and history. My only regret is not going back at night, because I hear it’s magical. 

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