I’m starting to believe that Chef Camille Becerra is a friggin’ genius. First it was the seafood and interiors at Navy. Then, it was the colorful and unbelievably delicious dragon bowls at Cafe Henrie. (Are you taking notes, yet?) De Maria is her newest venture and after seeing my Instagram feed flooded with photos from this new stylish cafe, I knew I had to check it out. 

Tom and I had a bit of a miscommunication, and I ended up dining at De Maria alone. The decor of this cafe will have any interior design lover swooning. Muted pastels and leather seats, with a gorgeous neon Virgin Mary installed in the bathroom. 

First, I started with a cheese biscuit that came with butter and guava jam. (I love guava jam.) Then I immediately ordered for the most beautiful slice of toast that I’ve ever seen. I’ll admit, it was a little overwhelming to look at because there was so much happening on that slice of bread. But it was delicious, healthy AND pretty – something Becerra excels at when she creates menus. 

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