Create & Cultivate: NYC

How do I even begin to describe Create & Cultivate

I remember first finding about the conference through Bri Emery’s Instagram and thought the concept was genius. I’ve been trying to go for the past couple of years, but the ticket costs a pretty penny and the timing was just never right.

Then they announced they were coming to NYC, and I took it as the universe telling me that it was time to make the investment! It also helped that I wouldn’t have to fly anywhere πŸ˜‰

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48 Hours in Portland, Maine

Sharing a few photos from my quick jaunt to Portland. This isn’t a definitive travel guide, that’ll come when I go back and actually have time to explore the city!  We sought blueberries and lobster rolls. We had freshly-made blueberry ice cream in Kennebunk, which is also the location of the famous Wedding Cake House….

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Weekly Assembly 02

It is a beautiful Sunday and I decided to blog, since I clearly haven’t updated in awhile πŸ˜… “I’ve been busy with work” is such a clichΓ© phrase, and what’s been going on with me goes a little deeper than that.  A quick summary of my job: social media for (primarily) restaurants/small businesses in New York…

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What I’ve Been Up To

I know. I can explain. I quit my job. I also landed a new and better job 4 days later. I swear my life is one big sitcom.  That’s why I’ve been so silent. My last job, to put it lightly, was a toxic relationship. A few weeks in and I realized that my environment…

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