Hello Again

I’ve missed you all so much. After taking a necessary break for almost half a year, I’m itching to start blogging again. 


I needed to take a step back. This year has been nothing short of turbulent, with more downs than ups. Creating content for this blog was causing me more stress than joy and that, to me, was the biggest red flag. I’ve also put on weight since Tom + I started dating, something that really messed with my head. Long story short, I wasn’t in a good place this past year and blogging wasn’t giving me the creative relief that it used to.


I’m back, and this time I mean it. It’s amazing what a few months off (and one amazing trip to New Orleans) can do for your spirit + creativity. I’m inspired again, finding beauty in little details around me. This website is more than just a blog, it’s a curation of all things that I’m passionate about. I want this space to be an outlet that’s purely creative, full of things that spark my soul. 


You will forever see food on this website, there’s no debate on that. While I’m making strides towards improving my health + wellness, food will always be bae. You’ll also see social media/online branding tips, design in style and entertaining, DIYs, travel guides + roundups of my favorite spots in NYC + NJ. Oh, plus a few interviews with some heavy hitters in the online creative space.

You guys have put up with my inconsistency + have been exposed to some of the hardest/best moments of my life thus far. Let’s tackle this new path together, shall we? 


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  • So excited to see where the refresh takes you! If you ever need an accountability partner or want to talk healthy living (trying to eat better and exercise without $100/mo gym memberships -.-) hit me up! 🙂