Roger New York

About two weeks ago, I had to step out of the office in the middle of the afternoon for a work meeting. The girl I was meeting had originally suggested this coffee shop on Madison Ave but when I walked in, everyone was packed like sardines. No thanks.

So in my effort to find another place to meet, I walked down the street a little more and discovered the beautiful gem that is the Roger New York.

This boutique hotel mixes chic design and old world comfort that makes for a beautiful experience, all tucked away in the middle of Manhattan. Shades of blue, velvet textures and accents of gold make the space a dream to have drinks or coffee in. I also loved how all of the photos were in black and white. The upstairs parlour gives you sublte nautical vibes and is also the location to their famed breakfast spread.

If you happen to find yourself on Madison Avenue, I definitely recommend stopping by Roger New York and having drinks. It’s beautiful, chic and provides an escape from the bustling city!


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